My hourly rate is $200, with a $450 minimum. Most hand-sized designs take 3 hours or less.

When traveling/doing a guest spot, my rates are $250/hr, with a $500 minimum.

Day rates are available, and start at $1,000. These are especially lovely for folks who are coming in from out of town for larger tattoos, or who would like to get multiple tattoos in one sitting.


Typically, designs will be ready for you to view the evening before, or the morning of your tattoo appointment. You can request to see your drawing a few days prior to the appointment via email.

How to prepare for your appointment.

Please arrive at the studio well hydrated, and well fed. We do have some light sweets and nuts at the shop for you, but it’s great to bring extra snacks if you can.

Do not drink alcohol before your tattoo appointment. This thins your blood, and makes you more susceptible to becoming faint/dizzy/nauseous during the procedure.

The morning of your appointment, please make sure the area of the body we will be tattooing is clean and well moisturized.

If you are nervous about the pain, there is a wonderful product called Hush Gel that can be applied an hour before your tattoo, purchased here This does not totally numb the area, but it definitely ‘takes the edge off’. I also have several Lidocaine-based products to assist with pain management throughout the procedure.